About me

I am a biologist, public speaker, photographer and expedition leader based in Stockholm, Sweden. After finishing the compulsory Swedish military service in the Navy Marines, I found myself working from field camps deep into the Amazon rainforest where I carried out conservation assessments and bird surveys for NGOs. This experience led me to return home to Sweden where I earned an Honours Degree Biology at Lund University followed by an MSc degree in Ecology divided between Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in Canada and Lund University.

I am an avid birder and botanist and have been involved with several research projects with a focus on seabird ecology and conservation on islands in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as around New Zealand and Antarctica. Check out "Research" in the menu bar to download some of my publications.


Besides research, I am fortunate to bring travellers to explore the incredible flora and fauna on the Arctic tundra, the Island of South Georgia and Antarctica. I believe that every animal and plant has a unique story to tell, and my vision as a guide and expedition leader is not only to show the raw beauty of the wildlife we encounter but also share these stories. 


I'm convinced that science, tourism and conservation go hand in hand. I have, for this reason, put together this website to share my research progress as well as my passion for conservation and photography. Feel free to get in touch if you like my photography, want to join me on an expedition, or just discuss wildlife and conservation issues.



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